I’m Sara, I’m a highly intuitive empathetic card reader I utilize deep listening tools, somatic education and different mental somatic and intuitive methods to help you learn what you need to know about yourself so that you can move on in your growth and development. I do this one on one and in group settings.

Tarot is the way I do it isn’t fortune telling, it’s a holistic approach to your emotions and feelings. Too much of the personal growth stuff out their tells us to stuff our emotions and to just get over it. Here we approach emotions with empathetic listening and create a safe space to have and experience emotions and see them as something natural rather than as good or bad.

Too much of the stress we experience is caused by the pressure to be different on the outside than you are on the inside. The best thing you can do is find out about you, the tarot for hundreds of years has been doing this. It’s an amazing tool it can be funny, touching and irreverent all at the same time. Entertaining the way a good story is entertaining only the story is your life.

Their are several tools that we use to help identify and play with different emotional, somatic, and neurobiological differences even as we get to understand what makes us the same and how we can relate and have more empathy for one another.

The great thing is these tools are pretty well trod and have history that’s hundreds if not thousands of years old.