As an extremely busy medical student/future doctor, how do I meditate in my daily life and stay/reside with my awareness/Self, in spite of all my commitments of work and study?

What would it take for you to come to the conclusion that you meditate because of not in spite of. Being centered and empathetic is probably going to do more to make you a better doctor than being busy.

In our society we have made being busy a status symbol, but what does it really mean? one woman I was working with took some time to break down all the things that made her busy and and came to the realization that once she got rid of everything that wasn’t essential or that she could have said no to, she wasn’t all that busy. She felt like her being busy made her valuable. Meditation felt like a piece of self-indulgent woo woo. In reality, doing something to love her self was in fact really hard and scary.

Im not saying you aren’t extremely busy, but when people say they can’t prioritize meditation my experience has been that they are just really scared. The first thing you want to do is check in and discover the real reason you are struggling with this, it’s not cause your busy. Remember being vulnerable makes you stronger, I am too busy is a way to protect that vulnerable part.

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