Does Buddhism mean getting rid of your ego?

No.. your ego is like how you learn to identity yourself in the world so that you can get your needs met. Think about your ego like a set of clothes. When we are born, we have this huge wardrobe, we have the possibility to put on any outfit we choose. If you look into the eyes of a newborn you are looking upon infinite possibilities and potential.

As newborns we are ourselves, and we cry when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired and we are fed the most delicious meals from our mothers breasts we have this intimacy with life and we exist in a state of perfection, but we are also extremely vulnerable and dependent on others in order to survive.

As we grow and develop we learn that certain outfits in the wardrobe work better than others in aiding our survival. We tend to learn what outfits fit our environment the best, and as we grow we eventually pick one outfit and stick to it, this one outfit tends to become the one that convinces us that is the me your talking about when you look in the mirror.

At some point this outfit becomes your identity, the unconscious identity is the identity that believes it’s the self. This identity, witch is often wore like protective armor, can be very adamant that it’s the true self. Most people never start questioning this identity that was chosen and often worn like a suit of armor.

So this identity that’s convinced it’s the self, that’s what you might call the ego. Now meditation and deep personal work or a cataclysmic life experience can start to make some cracks in the armor, and truth be known the wardrobe is still their in its full entirety and sometimes the best thing that can happen i is to look through those cracks and start to get a glimpse of what’s in that closet.

And of coarse the self oftentimes come through one way or another no matter how strong the armor, when this happens it can come out in a distortion as big unrelenting resentment or illness or drug and alcohol abuse. Sometimes it becomes necessary for someone to totally reject the life they were raised in. Sometimes the true self when it pokes through is intolerable and totally different from the created ego identity.

People sometimes want to get rid of and totally smash the ego, the problem with that is path of Buddhism is self love. So rejection of the ego would just be rejection. The oath is to heal to love and accept, this ego really just loves you and was built as a very small child as a way to protect you in a lot of ways even as you live as an adult it’s a very young child.

The oath to healing the ego isn’t to get rid of it, you want to form a want you might call an aware ego that allows you to take off the armor when you choose, at that point you can put on other things that are in the closet. This is the way you begin to put on other parts of yourself and build a personality that’s closer to who you really are.

You can’t get rid of the ego because it’s also who you are.

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