I thought I would start things off with an about page because sometimes it can be the hardest to write. The mission I have in creating NSM is to create a mindfulness program that feels more inclusive. It’s not just about meditation it’s about how to to expand into a bigger more authentic  life, how do you in fact become more conscious.  

How I got into mindfulness is a long story, I was doing it for years as a massage therapist and Alexander Teacher and then before that as an actress. I always felt a draw to things that had some kind of emotional resonance, for years and years I hid my emotions.  I learned as a kid that my emotions were bad and had to be pushed down, that I wasn’t as an intuitive OK to be around.  

As a kid I had pretty bad posture, I was shy and had bad balance and had a lot of resistance to working out because I had weak ankles that would pop if I ran even a little ways. I remember having bad balance. I discovered The Alexander Technique in my twenties and it changed the way I stood and walked I became much more flexible and started to have more access to my personality witch wasn’t as shy as I thought. 

After Alexander Technique I began to study with Pathways Institute where I learned a different kind of awareness, I learned how to actually listen to and access my spirit. I learned how to really be authentic and I learned how to respect and honor my emotions and feelings in a way that was truly powerful and totally brought me out of my shell.

Now I have a firm grounding in my emotional, mental and Sensual life.  I have a lot of people and mentors that have been essential in my growth, I also have a great family who is supportive and I can’t say how many wonderful people and places I’ve gotten to explore. I look forward to bringing my gifts to you in a way that will make your life more powerful and potent. 

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