Is the ultimate goal of meditation to focus our attention on the quality of the present moment, ignoring the future, the past, and our own inner commentary?

Imagine your inner life as a large community with a lot of different voices where everyone wants and needs to be heard. You have voices that keep you safe, that make sure you behave appropriately, vulnerable voices, child voices, ancient wisdom voices protective and critical voices. Some voices are more dominant than others. For instance […]

As an extremely busy medical student/future doctor, how do I meditate in my daily life and stay/reside with my awareness/Self, in spite of all my commitments of work and study?

What would it take for you to come to the conclusion that you meditate because of not in spite of. Being centered and empathetic is probably going to do more to make you a better doctor than being busy. In our society we have made being busy a status symbol, but what does it really […]