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One on One

Private one on one readings are where the work gets done and you are able to really think about the information you are getting about yourself and the world around you, the tarot is a great way to start to create a new emotional language that you can take into work love and life, get some balance between your goals and desires. Lots of times you feel like a really different person on the outside than you do on the inside and working with me will help you start balancing that out.

Events Holiday Parties

Fun Events for everyone in the family!

I also do just the regular one on one at events at a table where you can come up and just have a good time with me and your friends either one on one or in small groups. We can learn about relationships and love and career but in a really fun light way.

Somatic Work Alexander Technique

Somatic Work

Hey, I thought since I’m putting my services out their I’d let you know that I also do somatic work. I have a certificate in the Alexander Technique and have participated in Dance, Body Language, Acting and singing for years. This along with the Tarot has led me to a place where I can really help you if you are slouched over, lacking energy in pain and just in general are having problems with posture. The Alexander Technique along with Tarot can create a great hybrid that helps you to move better with less strain get more out of your workouts and look and feel yeas younger without expensive procedures or needing to wait for the work out to kick in. This can help with Speaking, Singing, Breathing Meditation Yoga Releases Jaw pain Shoulder Pain Foot Pain Recovery after and injury Musicians Office Workers Repetitive Strain Injury

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