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Bachelorette Parties, Receptions, Bridal Showers, teas, picnics and and other special events.

300 dollars for the first two hours each additional hour is 120 plus transportation A

Add Ons

Special thematic color scheme or costume just for your shower 100 – 300

Special Charms created just for your wedding party 100 – 600

Creating a special deck of cards for your bride and groom using pictures of them through their lives, it’s a bit like a picture book but you do it with laminated cards, and then you do the tarot readings at the reception with the cards. 600 – 1200

Special present just for the bride or groom given at the end of her reading. 30

Private reading for the bride and groom before the special day. 200

Color and theme consultation via Tarot cards 200

Wedding Planning Tarot 200

Event space clearing 50

Corporate Events

Conferences, Team Building Events, Company Parties

Corporate Rate 400 for the first 2 hours 100 and hour for each additional hour plus booking and transportation fees.

Corporate swag: different charms given to guest that have your company logo or special gift to guests that make them feel special, and bring good luck 100 – 1500

Room Worker: When people are having a hard time breaking the ice, tarot can help people get to know one another better. It can be a great way to engage people in conversations especially now that we have kind of forgotten how to do that. 100

Special Theme Color Scheme or costume: Any kind of special dress for the occasion 30 – 600

Hiring an assistant for larger crowds: 120

Birthday Parties

200 – 300 dollars for the first hour and a half 100 dollars for each additional hour plus travel and expenses.

Special Charms for the Birthday Girl or Boy 20 – 500

Thematic Outfit that I don’t already own 50 – 100

Pre Birthday Party Private Astrological Reading just for the Birthday girl or boy: 200

Birthday Singing Telegram: 50

Creating special birthday ritual for the guest of honor that will bring them good luck and get their year going in the best direction 100 – 500

Fundraisers, Community Events, Fairs

Depends on the Fundraiser and how much money they can spend

100 – 300 for the first hour and a half

Special Charms for the guests 50 – 300

Can create a gift certificate for a drawing or auction

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