Welcome To The Next Step In Your Mindfulness Journey

Weather you are just getting started with mindfulness or your an old expert at meditation their is something here for you.

Many want to control emotion or try to banish negative ones, here you are going to learn about them and be more mindful of them, but that’s just the start.

The thing left out of many conversations is that we all have different patterns of sensitivity, some people see the world more logically wile some people lead more with feelings, intuition and sensation. We tend to try and equate the best of ourselves with our thoughts and forget that feelings are important as well. Sometimes we get wrapped up in thinking we know the person because of our great intuition that we never bother to ask and see what their reality is.

This is all because of a lack of mindfulness, much of our misunderstanding of one another comes from not having a way to really understand or emphasize with one another, because that kind of intelligence isn’t really taught once in school.

I’d like to welcome you on a journey in understanding human nature, and also understanding your own nature. The idea behind Next Step Mindfulness goes beyond meditation, what we are looking to do here is to personalize the mindfulness experience.

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