Tarot, and how it can be used at parties and other events:

Hey, if you are looking for a really, fun unique way to make your event memorable tarot can be the way to do it. I’ve done tarot at bachelorette parties, receptions, corporate events, fairs, fundraising teas and birthdays. Large and small parties and it’s always a big hit. You will always get a line up at the tarot table.

If you are thinking this is something that can only be done at an event where you have to have some privacy, the way I do it is I give you several options on how you want to go about having tarot readings at your event. Sometimes you want the one on one experience but a lot of times, especially at wedding receptions and bachelorette parties people kind of gather round, they want to hear each others stories as they come out in the tarot. It’s a great way for people to get to know one another and it starts conversations you never knew you wanted to have.

The tarot can help people in a group see the hero in themselves or to remember the child they used to be and celebrate the adult that they have become. You can be taken on adventures with knights and ladies in waiting, you can learn weather it’s a good time to buy a house or see how other other people might not be as different from you as you imagine.

I’m happy you have come to my little website, if you have any questions as to how my tarot readings can make your event awesome please call me 4155278687

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